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KDM Electric, LLC is a total electrical service firm. We offer under one roof all of the electrical skills necessary to meet the needs of our customers. The Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractor licenses us as an Electrical Contracting firm. Similar licenses are maintained in surrounding cities. Our Louisiana State License is #20274.


Operating from Alexandria, Louisiana since 1986, KDM Electric, LLC has amassed an extensive list of successfully completed projects. With our current staff, we can effectively handle highly complex jobs in the multi-million dollar cost range, or just as efficiently, a simple one-day work order assignment.

All our work is conducted under the supervision of the President and owner of the company, Kenneth D. Murphy, who is a Master Electrician with over 37 years of experience in the electrical trade and who directs and coordinates the efforts of other personnel assigned to the job. It is his responsibility to see that schedules are met, that the work is bid within the budget and that the completed project meets the customer's plans and specifications.

Communication with our customers and our own staff is a very important part of our firm. We are constantly in contact with our customers to inform them as work progresses: they are part of the decision making process and have the opportunity to provide input always.

KDM Electric, LLC is a company that has brought together many years of experience. From the President down through the electrician helpers and to the office staff, we strive to work together with our General Contractors and customers to assure that the end result is a quality product that meets the highest standards.

This then is KDM Electric, LLC - our organization, people, experience, capabilities and resources. We believe it to be a very good firm and, apparently, our customers do as a large percentage of our business is with repeat customers.

We hope you will consider us the next time you have an electrical need.